Hamsavidya is the simplest method or technique for realization of self. This technique was followed by the RISHIS and SAGES of ancient India. It is based on pursuit of the four Purusharthas namely, DHARMA, ARTHA, KAMA and MOKSHA. It means, for realizing one’s Self one need not renounce the entire world and live in forests. Before attaining ultimate liberty of soul, one should discharge all his domestic duties, care for his Parents, family, Society and Nation. Simultaneously, he shall follow the practice of Hamsavidya. After his issues become major, self reliant and capable of managing themselves, all the household affairs the responsibility can be switched over in to their shoulders and he shall fully concentrate in strict penance of practice of Hamsavidya while continuing the residence with them and keeping all social contacts alive.

No FEE or DAKSHINA, either in kind or in cash, is charged for it. The master helps the disciples to practice the Vidya Step by Step and equalizes the disciple gradually with the master. It is interesting to note that never in the history of True Yogic masters the disciples were taught this vidya after receiving or collecting FEE or DAKSHINA in any form.

We directly feel the presence of the PRANA through respiration. In order to meditate smoothly, naturally, spontaneously and blissfully one should be able to control his PRANA. Because, PRANA is the master of the whole body. PRANA the emperor of our Body rules it by deputing ten Governors or Samanthas in the respective Provinces. They are PRANAN, APANAN, VYANAN, SAMANAN, UDANAN, NAAGAN, KOORMAN, KRIKARAN, DEVADAATHAN and DHANANJAYAN. In order to concentrate or meditate, first of all one should tame the master of mind that is APANAN, who would not do any act without any “written Order” from the emperor PRANA. So taming of our mind can be made only after taming the emperor of whole body ie PRANA. For taming the Prana one should practice PRNAYAMA.

We Exhale with a sound “HAM….” and Inhale with another sound “SA…..” thus all the living beings are chanting the Natural or Crude form of a MANTHRA “HAMSA….” Chanting of “HAMSA…” is a continuous and natural process in the body until one ends.This Crude manthra will be made scientific by making it as “AJAPAGAYATHRI” for the purpose of upasana.

This manthra can be considered to be the humming sound of HONEY BEE( Jeevathma). In order to find honey bee we should follow its sounds. As such prana can be traced out and controlled easily by following its Humming “HAMSA “. If we listen and follow this manthra and our mind merges with the manthra one can easily find out and control his Prana. Thus we can stop all the activities of our mind, body and shall become free from all the thoughts,thus the state described by Maharshi Pathanajali as ‘ Yoga chitha vrithi Niroodha’.is attained which is the real state of Meditation.

This technique is imparted by the great yogic masters in to ears of disciples very secretly that too after strictly adhering to the conditions put forward by the master. CONDTIONS are that the disciples shall abstain form, non vegetarian food, all kind of intoxications including smoking and chewing of betel leaves and areca nut, using aicoholic drings and shall conform with all moral principles.