Guruji left His Physycal body towards His Destiny.

Guruji left His Physycal body towards His Destiny. March 10, 2019Leave a comment

Swamy Sreeyuth BALAKRISHNA Nath left this Physical adobe on 06.06.2019. He was the Kula Guru Of Hamsavidya Gurukulam and Founder of Hamsavidya Gurukulam Trust. He spread the Vidya across the World and made popular the Vidya through Munikula Parampara Saampradayam. He Belongs to Natha tradition of Agastya Lineage. He served His entire life to spread the Vidya to the true seekers. There are so many Hamsavidya sadhakaas as true seekers all over the world. He trusts that HAMSA YOGA Sadha (True Vidya) is the way to reach parabrahm(salvation) that is the soul’s final destiny. He taught that those who do Sadhana along with his Swadharma need not take rebirth. Sadhana is the Gurudakshina to offer to our Guruji.
On 6th June 2019, from 6.30 to about 8.15 he did His Sadhana. After that he fell unconsciousness. Gurupatny Dr. Omana BALAKRISHNA Nath did first aid by applying pressuring on chest and sprinkled water on face then Guruji slowly opened eyes and a glass of water was given to Guruji. He had the water and a starred and smiled at Omanaamma and He slowly closed His eyes, left this physical world. 
The purpose of his incarnation is completed with this body as He always used to to express that this incarnation is only for spreading the Vidya to all and through this Satyayug is possible. He spent his time for his Sadhana and treating patients, compiling books and conducting HAMSA YOGA awareness classes to true seekers. He was traditional Ayurveda and Siddha Practioner extended his service to the needy.
 Aatma Namaskaram from HAMSA YOGA Sadhakaas. Let His Soul Reach His Destiny. In Yogic Culture it is believed that our Prana gets unified with Parasakti. Jai Guru ji.

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